AMAN Global Voices for Peace in the Home

AMAN: Global Voices for Peace in the Home is an International Network to End Domestic Violence. It comprises of organisations and individuals in India and abroad, working on the core issue of violence against women, particularly domestic violence. It came into existence on 7 December 2006. The network provides a platform for member organisations and individuals to interact with each other and learn and grow from each otherís strategies and best practices. The network believes in the strength of collective processes to bring about social change.

AMANíS Vision

AMAN envisages a world free from all forms of violence where the dignity and rights of individuals are realised and everyone has access to equal opportunities irrespective of their gender.

AMANíS Strategy

  • To build alliances and share resources at the regional, national and international levels to address domestic violence
  • To help increase choices and resources for survivors of domestic violence
  • To build public support against domestic violence
  • To advocate at the national and international levels to address Domestic Violence and related issues
AMANíS Activities

  • Providing support to women facing domestic violence in different states in India by referring them to/collaborating with member organisations and individuals who can help them
  • Collaborating with international member organisations to support Indian women facing domestic violence overseas or from NRI spouses
  • Sharing strategies and information to improve the quality of our work
  • Developing common ethical norms on working with survivors
  • Developing the capacity of member organisations to deal with Domestic Violence
  • Campaigning against Domestic Violence
  • Liasing with appropriate institutions for effective implementation of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 and creating awareness about the law
  • Advocating at the national and international levels with respect to policies related to Domestic Violence
  • Increasing the membership base at the national and international levels
At present AMAN has members from 11 states of India and also from USA, Canada and the UK. 52 organisations and individuals are part of the Network.

Members of AMAN, West Bengal Chapter:-

Amader Prerana, Association for Women with Disabilities, Digambarpur Angikar, Gana Unnayan Parshad, Human Rights Law Network, Institute of Social Work, MASUM, Nari Nirjatan Pratirodh Mancha, Sanhita, Suchetana, Sutanutir Sakhya, Swati Sanyal, Swayam, Womenís Interlink Foundation.

For more information contact
Swayam (Current Secretariat of Aman)
9/2B Deodar Street
Kolkata 700 019
West Bengal
Ph# 91 33 2486 3367/68